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Our Knowledge, Expertise working with international network enables us to offer a multitude of services to manage commercial functions be it for Manufacturing, Trading or for after Market Services including warranty replacement, and moreover our ability comprising overland, ocean and global air freight forwarding makes crossing Borders efficient, Fast and managed to keep commitments are achieved.

Our international network empowers us to provide a wide range of services, including overland, ocean, and global air freight forwarding. Furthermore, we excel in managing commercial functions, whether in Manufacturing, Trading, or After Market Services, which include warranty replacements.

In today’s fiercely competitive business landscape, efficient resource and task management are imperative. This often entails forming partnerships at different stages of the business cycle and across various locations, involving cross-border operations.

Managing complex, multi-location operations with numerous partners and vendors requires specialized skills and talent. Indelox’s total business outsourcing solutions are meticulously designed to address these demands with high efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Our services ensure seamless operations at every business stage, from product design and assembly to customer delivery, vendor sourcing of raw materials, warehousing, and inventory management. We also handle cross-border operations, including customs clearance and taxation, leveraging our knowledge, expertise, and strategic partnerships.

Our offerings are highly customizable, allowing you to select the services you need based on your requirements. We also provide the flexibility to scale up or down as market demands dictate. Here is a comprehensive list of our business outsourcing solutions.

In the intensely competitive modern business landscape, efficient resource and task management is imperative. This often necessitates forming partnerships at various stages of the business

Wearhouse truck

Warehouse & Distribution

Warehousing and distribution of imported goods have been our forte since 2000. We take ownership and responsibility and have earned loads of accolades for our services. Our customers possess immense confidence in us and relish doing business with us even though they are far away.

The following are the features of our distribution function:

  • Customs brokerage to move goods out of customs charge
  • Shared ambient and temperature controlled walk-in cold room
  • Customs bonded warehouse for storage of goods offering flexibility to meet sales demand
    1. Finished goods
    2. Raw material, components, spares
  • Cross docking of goods for quick turnaround
  • Inventory management of goods stored
  • Order processing management and fulfillment
  • Pick/Pack/Dispatch
  • Payment management as a service on demand
  • Customer support service
  • ERP support for all the above services for more visibility
  • Expertise in storage and handling of dangerous goods

In Plant Logistics

Vendor Management:
Many resources and functions work in tandem to keep the manufacturing process smooth and normal. For example, all the raw materials and components have to flow in according to the plan/schedule. With effective vendor management solutions, Indelox can ease the pressure on the flow of raw materials from vendors. As a reliable service provider, we work closely with vendors, communicating priority and timelines to regulate the flow of raw materials. Moreover, we have implemented our MS ERP system through which data/information can be made available on real time and as and when required. This will add to the transparency and help in planning ahead with the operations.

Inventory Management:
Indelox’s inventory management service brings more visibility to the inventory levels and helps clients to monitor them in a stringent manner. This will allow customers to pay more attention to the procurements, plan better and improve the process. Indelox’s vast experience and diverse knowledge in different verticals will add to the business efficiency.

Onsite Kitting &Line Feeding:
Manufacturing efficiency is achieved by timely availability of raw materials. Indelox understands this need and helps customers to reduce the down time and time loss in manufacturing. Our onsite kitting and line feeding service will put together raw materials, components and sub assembly parts based on the BOM (bill of materials). This helps customers with quick turnaround time. As a business partner, we stay alert and along with our meticulous planning ensure that there is no disruption at the production line for want of material. This service enables customers to subcontract their processes to vendors outside their premises without any extra effort.

Managing Storage of Finished Goods:
As a total outsource partner, Indelox handles the final packaging and transportation of the finished products from the factory/shop floor to the end customers/designated locations. Our goal is to keep the finished products ready for the commercial despatch. We maintain a dynamic packing and despatch space that could meet the sudden surges and to keep the operational costs under control. Our team will collect goods/products from the shop floor and log them before being stored. We even have the capability to handle dangerous and inflammable goods.

Custom Brokerage & Bonded Warehouse

Indelox is a licensed customs broker and an AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) certified by Indian Customs. By partnering with Indelox, clients will be assured of right classification of the product, tariffs and faster movement of cargo from the customs department. We make sure that cargo is compliant with the laws of the land and that clients will not be called to substantiate the claims that they have made in the entry. Indelox also advises customers to make sure that the pre and post shipment process comply with the laws. Data is electronically entered on the customs portal and we have maintained a secured environment to assure confidentiality. Digital storage of records and document is another advantage of this service. Our service reduces the dwell time of the cargo at the ports and helps customers to avoid associated costs.

Indelox is a licensed customs bonded warehouse operator and is also certified by Indian Customs as an AEO (Authorised Economic Operator). Our warehouses are self-managed as per the regulations of 2016. They are well maintained and equipped with MHE (material handling equipment) and connectivity. The highest order housekeeping, including remote surveillance and stringent safety measures make our warehouses a reliable hub for customers. We also provide ambient and controlled temperatures for the safety of products. What’s more, our bonded service follows a multiuser model, giving customers the flexibility to scale up or scale down based on their business requirements.

Trading & IOR

We provides an IOR solution destined from multiple countries and compliant in all respects of Indian Regulations without a need to have physical presence in India. Indelox has a reliable and strong knowledge base and over the years, we have established a Global network with our business partners.

Indelox serves as the Importer/Exporter for customs and taxation declarations during Import/Export.

Our services include:

  • Obtaining import/export licenses and permits.
  • Handling duty and tax payment filings.
  • Maintaining required records under Indian law.
  • Goods remain with the client or end customer; we don’t take title.
  • Reduces establishment and administrative costs.
  • Ideal for warehousing warranty parts, e-commerce, data centers, and more.
  • Our business partners appreciate our competitive pricing, on-time delivery, and customer-focused approach.

Aftermarket Service

Indelox manages After Market Service operations with great commitment. We understand that a delayed or wrong part delivered to end customers can dampen the image and make the business less viable. Be it Warranty Replacement or Contracted Service, Indelox has the best solutions. Our service covers either one or all the three components given below:

  • Managing service operations
  • Management of down time and critical service contract
  • Repair and re-pooling of parts for service

For over a decade, Indelox has been partnering with global companies and helping them to extend their reach with outsourced after market logistics services. More MNCs are setting up their R&D facilities and many companies are adopting cutting-edge technology in India. As a result, the tech companies face a growing demand for servicing from the global players and customers who have installed their high-tech equipment. Today, Indelox has extended its reach to all major cities in India through strong association with global companies and a partnership with an Indian entity, CriticaLog India Pvt. Ltd.
Our objective is to help scale customer’s businesses and eliminate their risks in cross border movement. Through our service we help our customers to meet their resource needs, manage critical service promises and deliver them.

Health Care

Our goal is to stay focused on Point-of-care testing to take care of critical patients. In the intensive care unit (ICU), rapid changes in a patient’s condition often necessitate biochemical monitoring with diagnostic laboratory tests and a Rapid Response. The term point-of-care (POC) testing, also called near-patient testing or bedside testing, refers to the performance of diagnostic tests at the patient point. Traditionally, these tests were performed in the central laboratory. With POC testing, these tests are performed outside of the confines of the clinical laboratories of health care facilities.

In hospitals, they primarily are performed in areas with the most urgent need for rapid diagnosis and therapy, such as emergency departments, surgical suites, critical care units, and certain outpatient areas. With further advancement in technology, POC testing is a dynamic work in progress; the analysers have become Light Weight, faster, portable and more user-friendly and have been demonstrated to achieve accuracy with a simple yet Reliable and Authenticated Test Process Resulting In Superfast Treatment Turn Around Time.

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