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Our Knowledge, Expertise working with international network enables us to offer a multitude of services to manage commercial functions be it for Manufacturing, Trading or for after Market Services including warranty replacement, and moreover our ability comprising overland, ocean and global air freight forwarding makes crossing Borders efficient, Fast and managed to keep commitments are achieved.

At Indelox, people may connect and realize their potential, which leads to fulfilling the needs of both society and customers. Our workers are well-aware of the route ahead and the ways to get there.

Indelox develops ability and expertise to enable people to reach their full performance potential. The working environment here surpasses, if not equals, industry norms. Every employee receives personalized care and attention from us, and we support them through any personal crises that can impair their output.

Indelox recognizes the value of the contributions made by its employees and values their service in helping the company expand. In response, we offer the appropriate resources, instruction, and setting that promote productivity, eventually assisting

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Our Culture

Indelox’s culture requires and demands its people to inculcate the following qualities in their behavior’s and outlook:


Our commitment extends to aligning our actions with our words, engaging in ethical conversations, demonstrating trust and ethical principles in our actions, and serving as exemplars for others to follow.


We ensure our team members are regularly informed about business updates, help them grasp their roles within the team and the company, and emphasize how their contributions align with the broader objectives of the team/company, fostering productivity and motivation through close collaboration


We support all individuals in acquiring new skills and knowledge, emphasizing the importance of each member leveraging their unique abilities, encouraging a proactive mindset for personal advancement, and training our team to inspire confidence through demonstrated competence


As a team, we collaborate to reach common objectives, leveraging the diverse abilities and skill sets of each individual. We consistently support our staff in their tasks, demonstrating appreciation and value for every team member. Additionally, we foster a sense of ownership to strengthen their bond with the work and the organization.


We foster an environment where our team is encouraged to generate ideas aimed at enhancing or refining processes. We hold high regard for individuals and their capacity to observe and innovate, empowering them to develop their unique working methods, thereby enriching the organization with diverse perspectives. Furthermore, we enable the team to cultivate robust working relationships and foster trust throughout the organization.


At Indelox, we believe that the work environment, improvement (of its service, processes, etc.) and innovation (to develop new service, processes, etc.) are necessary for sustained success. The only way to ensure that is by cultivating the ‘Quality as a way of life’ across every aspect of the service delivery process.

Quality is the prime driver that helps us to keep pace with the demand for enhanced services and contributes to the growth of our customers and the organisation. We believe that ‘Quality as a way of life’, is a measure of our success.

This is executed by strictly adhering to processes, regulations and performing to set standards. Every process is detailed and documented, and the expected standards are well communicated.

With our pursuit of excellence in quality, we are able to deliver services as promised, which in turn has a direct impact on our customer relations. It has also helped us retain our customers, step up improvements and add more services to our portfolio, Enabled with MS Business Central ERP, WMS for warehouse and HRMS.

A testimony in this direction and the effort made is the certification under AS9120:2015 and ISMS 27001:2016 sustained over a decade now.

Campus to Career

Campus to Career” represents an ambitious initiative by Indelox, designed to prepare and empower candidates from colleges and business schools for diverse roles within our organization. This program serves as a means to attract fresh talent, establish a robust talent pool, and cultivate the future managers and leaders of Indelox.

We are dedicated to nurturing a culture of support, patience, impartiality, and transparency within Indelox. Our aspiration is to attain a position of excellence in the industry, and we believe that our people, who serve as our standard-bearers, will help us achieve this goal.

Glimpse of Indelox

Indelox’s culture requires and demands its people to inculcate the following qualities in their behavior’s and outlook:

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