Why Indelox

    Being in international SCM services for over 20 years, we have abundant expertise in customs clearance services, supporting every aspect of customs laws for overseas import and export.

  • Delivering business excellence in India as total business outsourcing partner.
  • One business partner who provides multiple and end-to-end business solutions.
  • Services ranging from sourcing of raw materials to product design and manufacturing, from
    warehousing and inventory management to sales and after sales support.
  • Expertise in cross border movements and customs clearances/complying with taxation and regulations.
  • Indelox Services Private Limited is a privately held total business outsourcing company with corporate office in Bangalore.
  • We offer unrivalled total business outsourcing solutions and integrated supply chain services for business verticals ranging from manufacturing to trading, defence to automotive, health care to education, IT to renewable energy and many more.
  • Value-based behavioural competence and well-designed Performance Management System differentiates us from others by miles.
  • Quality Certified and AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) recognised from Indian Customs under bonded warehouse and Customs Broker operation.
  • Provides flexibility in the ever-changing business environment with options for scaling up/down depending on the market situations.
  • ERP support to speedy services and focus on the paperless environment with EDI capability.
  • Expertise in managing commercial operations including sales operations for various industry sectors and managing Manufacturing operations on the shop floor in the manufacturing sector.
  • Enabled with strategic advantage of 9 SSL and expandable to any other location.
  • GST registered in India, to facilitate smooth and effective last mile delivery of warranty and RMA services.
  • Indelox manages import regulations compliance for several business organisations spread across India and overseas, ensuring compliance with all applicable laws.
  • We ensure that all regulatory obligations are met with and our customers are not exposed to financial liabilities.
  • Indelox has a turnover over of Rs. 350 million and more than 60 Global and Indian customers.
  • Indelox has lived up to customer expectations and contributed to their success. Each customer that Indelox served has grown exponentially and has scaled up their partnership with us correspondingly.