Warehousing and Distribution

Warehousing and distribution of imported goods have been our forte since 2000. We take ownership and  responsibility and have earned loads of accolades for our services. Our customers possess immense confidence in us and relish doing business with us even though they are far away.

The following are the features of our distribution function

  • Customs brokerage to move goods out of customs charge
  • Shared ambient and temperature controlled walk-in cold room
  • Customs bonded warehouse for storage of goods offering flexibility to meet sales demand
  • Finished goods
  • Raw material, components, spares
  • Cross docking of goods for quick turnaround
  • Inventory management of goods stored
  • Order processing management and fulfillment
  • Pick/Pack/Despatch
  • Payment management as a service on demand
  • Customer support service
  • ERP support for all the above services for more visibility
  • Expertise in storage and handling of dangerous goods