Procurement And Sales Operations


The task of procuring goods and raw material begins with the identification of a reliable source. One who would supply as per the order, fully and on time. It requires the right skills, market knowledge and field experience to verify a source/supplier. Indelox has all of that and our experts will choose one through extensive research and validation of the strength of the suppliers. We also have the reach to source from multiple companies in the same field at the same time.


Procurement of material and goods require a deep understanding of the manufacturing process, schedule and priority. As a procurement partner, Indelox will ensure that the material to be procured are as per the plan and will be made available as required. Indelox will also add value by optimising spend and by exploring opportunities for cost reduction.

Customs Brokerage

Indelox is a licensed customs broker and an AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) certified by Indian Customs. By partnering with Indelox, clients will be assured of right classification of the product, tariffs and faster movement of cargo from the customs department. We make sure that cargo is compliant with the laws of the land and that clients will not be called to substantiate the claims that they have made in the entry. Indelox also advises customers to make sure that the pre and post shipment process comply with the laws. Data is electronically entered on the customs portal and we have maintained a secured environment to assure confidentiality. Digital storage of records and document is another advantage of this service. Our service reduces the dwell time of the cargo at the ports and helps customers to avoid associated costs.


Goods procured for either manufacturing or trading require storing for some period. Indelox owns modern, well laid out warehouse facilities with state-of-the-art infrastructure. In fact, Indelox has more than 100,000 sq feet of space in Bengaluru and other locations to store goods of different nature. Our warehouses store and handle a variety of goods in varied segments like electronic, engineering, chemicals, networking cables and parts, machine parts, textile products, auto parts, robotic equipment and parts, life science, medical equipment, scientific equipment, security appliance, solar power generating products and digital equipment.

Sales Operations

Indelox is well versed in the process of order fulfillment and distribution. We have successfully partnered with many customers and helped them grow significantly in their business with sales operations. Our sales operations start right from the order creation to the despatch and cover revenue recognition, resolving customer queries, etc. The following are the various aspects of our service:

  • Order creation on receipt of orders from end customers
  • Processing of orders for booking sales
  • Pick, pack and despatch after generation of shipping invoice
  • Transportation and last mile delivery
  • Customer acknowledgement and revenue recognition
  • Resolution of customer queries
  • Data compilations and creating information for decision making