• Designing of Products: In association with Indian and International product designers, Indelox has set up a design capability that will reduce your effort to go to market. Once a design is freezed, Indelox will also develop prototype to validate and check on the parameters for manufacturing.
  • When your business demands a need to alter or add on additional features, Indelox will make it possible.
  • Sub Assembly: When you need a part of an assembly to integrate and have constraints at shop floor, or wish to develop vendor outside your location, Indelox will offer you service that will enable a seamless manufacturing. Indelox  facility has the infrastructure for Electronic Assembly for small lot production.
  • When you pursue a strategy to Subcontract part of your production or parts of your product, Indelox has a keen interest to make it feasible and also viable.
  • At present, most of the products are being manufactured by units at outside facilities. Brands today are spending more effort in design and technology than manufacturing. Indelox has the expertise, skill and necessary infrastructure to manufacture products and deliver it on your behalf to your customers across the globe.

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