Vendor Management

Many resources and functions work in tandem to keep the manufacturing process smooth and normal. For example, all the raw materials and components have to flow in according to the plan/schedule. With effective vendor management solutions, Indelox can ease the pressure on the flow of raw materials from vendors. As a reliable service provider, we work closely with vendors, communicating priority and timelines to regulate the flow of raw materials. Moreover, we have implemented an ERP system through which data/information can be made available on real time and as and when required. This will add to the transparency and help in planning ahead with the operations.

Inventory Management

Indelox’s inventory management service brings more visibility to the inventory levels and helps clients to monitor them in a stringent manner. This will allow customers to pay more attention to the procurements, plan better and improve the process. Indelox’s vast experience and diverse knowledge in different verticals will add to the business efficiency.

Customs Brokerage

Indelox is a licensed customs broker and an AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) certified by Indian Customs. By partnering with Indelox, clients will be assured of right classification of the product, tariffs and faster movement of cargo from the customs department. We make sure that cargo is compliant with the laws of the land and that clients will not be called to substantiate the claims that they have made in the entry. Indelox also advises customers to make sure that the pre and post shipment process comply with the laws. Data is electronically entered on the customs portal and we have maintained a secured environment to assure confidentiality. Digital storage of records and document is another advantage of this service. Our service reduces the dwell time of the cargo at the ports and helps customers to avoid associated costs.

Onsite Kitting & Line Feeding

Manufacturing efficiency is achieved by timely availability of raw materials. Indelox understands this need and helps customers to reduce the down time and time loss in manufacturing. Our onsite kitting and line feeding service will put together raw materials, components and sub assembly parts based on the BOM (bill of materials). This helps customers with quick turnaround time. As a business partner, we stay alert and along with our meticulous planning ensure that there is no disruption at the production line for want of material. This service enables customers to subcontract their processes to vendors outside their premises without any extra effort.

Managing Storage of Finished Goods

As a total outsource partner, Indelox handles the final packaging and transportation of the finished products from the factory/shop floor to the end customers/designated locations. Our goal is to keep the finished products ready for the commercial despatch. We maintain a dynamic packing and despatch space that could meet the sudden surges and to keep the operational costs under control. Our team will collect goods/products from the shop floor and log them before being stored. We even have the capability to handle dangerous and inflammable goods.

Customs Bonded Warehouse

Indelox is a licensed customs bonded warehouse operator and is also certified by Indian Customs as an AEO (Authorised Economic Operator). Our warehouses are self-managed as per the regulations of 2016. They are well maintained and equipped with MHE (material handling equipment) and connectivity. The highest order housekeeping, including remote surveillance and stringent safety measures make our warehouses a reliable hub for customers. We also provide ambient and controlled temperatures for the safety of products. What’s more, our bonded service follows a multiuser model, giving customers the flexibility to scale up or scale down based on their business requirements. We have two strategically located warehouses. One between inland container depot and airport, and the other on the western parts of Bangalore, near the industrial hubs. Be it short or long-term, our bonded warehouses help customers to achieve their business objectives cost-effectively.