The foundation to Indelox is laid on building customers for life, regardless of product or service and whether a small business or a conglomerate. It leads to complete customer engagement and mutual growth of the business.

Indelox is committed to accord priority in providing right solutions and has grown with our customers. Leaders and employees at Indelox adopt it and follow it consciously. We demonstrate customer focus by:

  • Working with customers to build long-term partnerships for mutual benefit
  • Understanding the impact of our business decisions on our customers
  • Providing solutions with excellent service and quality
  • Delivering on our promises and commitments
  • Being an easy to deal with entity
  • No compromise on the quality of our products, solutions, and services
  • Speaking customer’s language
  • Support to overcome tough moments
  • Respect and mutual economic growth
  • Legally compliant services

Indelox measures the value of service as perceived
by customers

  • Indelox conducts a customer satisfaction survey every year.
  • We share results of survey to customers to confirm whether our service promises are delivered meeting customer expectations and to manage expectations.
  • If there is any dissatisfaction with any aspect of any delivery, Indelox has systems that will course correct and quickly resolve the pain points.