The Corporate Sector around the world is struggling with a new role, which is to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of the next generation. Businesses now have to take responsibility for the ways their operations impact society and the natural environment. Business as usual is no longer an option. To succeed in the long-term, companies must safeguard their reputations, ensure the resources they need are responsibly sourced and available for the future, and keep their employees healthy, happy and productive.

And now it is the turn of corporate India to go green and follow steps to ensure conserve nature and environment.


Environmental and Social Responsibility

Being a responsible corporate citizen, INDELOX supports to protect the environment and also endeavours to act to benefit of society at large. INDELOX consciously engages in businesses which do not pose any direct threat to the environment and the society. Policies are framed with a view to being a responsible corporate citizen. While making profit is key for enhancing shareholder value, ensuring sustainability of the business and adopting ethical business practices as a way of life is also built into the system.

Understanding global environmental threats, INDELOX’s business sustainability initiatives contribute to the society and environment in such a way that it is a win-win situation for both the society and INDELOX. INDELOX encourages its employees to think actively towards minimising consumption of energy and utilities. It provides a workplace environment that is safe, hygienic and humane, which upholds the dignity of the employees and strictly discourages any form of exploitation. INDELOX’s policy does not allow engagement of child labour, forced labour or any form of involuntary labour. INDELOX systematically identifies stakeholders’ concerns, assumes responsibilities and assures transparency in framing policies that are associated with the stakeholders.

Being a responsible corporate citizen, INDELOX ensures ethical values at all level of its functions. INDELOX has also conducted free eye and check-up programs for its employees and their family. With a view to ensuring employees’ skill and competency, INDELOX provides financial assistance to those who pursue professional courses on an equal and non-discriminatory basis.

E-Waste Management at INDELOX

INDELOX is engaged in the business of supply chain solutions and provides various services such as Value Added Distribution, complete Logistics Solutions, Commercial Structuring Support services.


Business Model – Distribution

As a Distributor, INDELOX normally purchase, stock and sell information technology, and telecom products on a limited scale for exclusive clients.

INDELOX purchases products from Foreign Vendors. The products of foreign vendors directly imported by INDELOX are distributed to exclusive end users directly. Such imported goods are brand new and meant for first hand sale. INDELOX also imports telecommunication products that are market ready and sold to the exclusive end customers.

INDELOX does not manufacture or sell any electrical and electronic products under our own brand.

Business Model – Hardware Support Service

One of the value added services rendered by our Company to the vendors is to provide hardware support services. Our Support Services include warranty support. While carrying out such support services, INDELOX do carry out collection of faulty units from end users on request and re-export the defective products in all cases. At the component level the products imported by INDELOX are Computer components, namely, Hard disks, Memory Chips, etc. are replaced as on free of cost basis under warranty support.




Compliance requirements

E-waste Rules 2016 provides that the term producer inter alia, includes the person who offers to sell imported electrical and electronic equipment.

The term “e-waste” is defined to mean waste electrical and electronic equipment, whole or in part or rejects from their manufacturing and repair process, which are intended to be discarded.

As per the nature of business, while INDELOX is involved in import of the above mentioned electronic goods, its role ends on selling the same end users/consumers/bulk consumers. Hence, for those electronic and electrical goods imported and distributed by it, INDELOX intends to comply by providing the facilities for collecting the e-waste and ensuring that the e-waste collected is safely transported to a designated recycler.

INDELOX has also made arrangements to build the necessary awareness amongst the clients and other related persons about the requirement of E-waste Rules for enabling them to participate in the Government’s initiative for environmentally sound management of e-waste.

Extended Producer Responsibility

Extended producer’s responsibility (EPR) is main feature of the E-waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2016, wherein the producer of electrical and electronic equipment was given the responsibility of managing such equipment after its ‘end of life’, thus the producer is responsible for their products once the consumer discards them. Under this EPR, producer is also entrusted with the responsibility to finance and organize a system to meet the costs involved in complying with EPR.

We will strive to create awareness amongst our consumers about managing e-waste, protecting the environment, and importantly for following the recycling and take-back process for end of life products.

As ‘producer’, INDELOX shall make arrangements to

  • Collect and channelize of e-waste generated in repairing activity and ‘end of life’ of the product
  • Create all round awareness through publications & information dissemination
  • Obtain authorization from SPCB/CC
  • Maintain records & file annual returns


Scheme of collection

The collection of E-Waste will be through the Recycler “SWACHH BHARAT RECYCLING COMPANY” engaged specifically for this purpose.

The company has tied-up with Govt. authorised E-WASTE recycler namely SWACHH BHARAT RECYCLING COMPANY, Meerut for facilitating the customers on PAN India Basis to collect E-WASTE from any location within India for further storage & recycling. For this purpose, Customer shall follow the following process:

  • Place their request on Company e-mail id “3plnewdelhi@indelox.com” towards the E-WASTE generated from the sales made by INDELOX. The Company will not obliged and accede the request of any Customer for collection of other Companies sold products.
  • The Company shall place the above request to their authorized E-WASTE recycler SWACHH BHARAT RECYCLING COMPAN to process the E-WASTE collection from Customer designated location.
  • SWACHH BHARAT RECYCLING COMPAN shall arrange to collect the E-WASTE from the Customer designated location through its transporter within the schedule time.
  • After collection from specified location, SWACHH BHARAT RECYCLING COMPAN shall store the E-WASTE at its local warehouse and consolidate all E-WASTE for dismantle at its main warehouse through a proper process & system.
  • After dismantling, SWACHH BHARAT RECYCLING COMPAN shall provide the certificate of Recycling & destruction to the Customer for their record.