• Receiving
  • Put-away
  • Order processing
  • Invoicing
  • Inventory Management
  • Picking & Dispatch
  • Transport worthy packing
  • Quality control and Audits
  • Stock Audits
  • Document Management
  • Reverse Logistics

Warehouse Management

  • Overall accountability of stock, operation and safety with Indelox
  • Offer customized facility based on business needs.

Secondary Services

  • Customer coordination for delivery
  • Dispatch and delivery documentation
  • MRP Labelling
  • Kitting
  • Shop floor feeding and retrieval of Finished Goods

Warehouse Management System

  • Entire inventory can be mapped on our WMS, LIFO/FIFO management possible.
  • Multiple SKU picking were made fast with wave picking and zone wise picking. Receiving and put away and picking errors eliminated with Barcode scanners.
  • Customer is able to access multiple kind of reports related to their inventory position on real time.
  • Order management and processing.


Flexible, innovative and cost-effective packaging solutions

As demand for packaging grows at an unprecedented rate, products and packages are not one-size-fits-all undertakings. Whether you’re a retailer or manufacturer, how you manage contract packaging and co-pack operations can have a major impact on your bottom line.

With a solution from Indelox you can achieve your unique packaging goals. We focus on effective packaging and focus on safety and quality of the product.

Separate packing/processing and specialized packing solution

  • Indelox provide temperature controlled picking packing and processing facilities of temperature 2 to 8 °C and -20°C.
  • Experts in temperature sensitive and dangerous goods packing. Specialized temperature controlled packaging in for critical and sensitive products. This eliminated transit damages by 100% and enabled dispatches in large volumes and at greater pace.

Major achievement of the company is indeed the high scores achieved in customer satisfaction survey. Employee satisfaction of 90% is also indeed a greater honor for an SME like Indelox