Indelox provides the highest standard of care and efficiency in storage and distribution of dangerous goods. We have resource experts to handle, store and pack dangerous goods, along with preparing the Dangerous Goods Declaration. We commit ourselves to offering the best service, cost and lead time in order to satisfy our clients.

Health and Safety

Health and safety are at the core of our business. Indelox has required permits for the storage and handling of dangerous goods, and have solid operational procedures and an excellent safety record. We have made a significant investment in warehousing, handling equipment and personal protective equipment for dangerous goods to ensure complete compliance with all relevant legislation.

Industry Experience

Indelox has handled dangerous goods storage and distribution since 2000, providing storage and logistics services to a number of international customers in fine chemicals, reagents and other dangerous goods.

Dangerous goods storage and distribution includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Effective storage facility
  • Compatibility verification and storage accordingly
  • Storage of  dangerous goods (chemicals / medical consumables)
  • Warehousing of palletized cargo
  • Warehousing of smaller units such as vials, test kits etc
  • Storage temperature between 2°C to 8°C
  • Effective packaging
  • Effective product handling maintaining integrity of products
  • Effective handling of spillage and breakages

Effective disposal of chemical waste in an environmentally friendly manner, with approvals