Indelox has nurtured the concept of Private Customs Bonded Warehousing in Bangalore since 1996.  Indelox has hands-on experience and expertise in handling customs bonded warehouses with complete adherence to Customs laws, regulations, procedures and documentation.

Public Bonded Warehouse

Shared warehousing and distribution operations lead to reduction of warehouse and operations costs, and enable customers to deliver the service promise to their customers in India without payment of duty, with 100% compliance to Customs regulations and procedures.

Private Bonded Warehouse

Business needs and related complexities may require some businesses to opt for dedicated and exclusively customized solutions. Indelox is equipped with people and expertise in managing the processes, inventory and distribution of duty free goods of the customers from their site.

Starting with a thorough analysis of customer-specific business requirements, our teams design, implement, operate and improve dedicated warehousing and distribution operations that deliver value to your business. Indelox can manage the entire process, from application for private bonded warehouse to operation, on a routine basis.