What happens to products after the point of sale is as critical to the customer experience and your profitability as the activities that bring them to market. Looking to drive costs out of your supply chain. Reverse logistics offers a perfect opportunity.

Indelox integrates product returns into your overall supply chain strategy. By co-locating repair and refurbishment with forward distribution into a single facility, you can realize significant benefits.

You work with one logistics partner. Every function associated with product returns management is consolidated into a single entity. The result? Fewer hand-offs, warehouses and touches. Improved product visibility and control. And faster returns processing. It all adds up to increase asset recovery value, improved customer experience and lower infrastructure transportation and labor costs with a smaller carbon footprint.

Reverse Logistics Services

  • RMA (Return Material Authorization) verification and tracking
  • Product sorting
  • Triage and testing, including disposition
  • Recycle/disposal/scrap, including harvesting parts for re-use.

A front end web portal for customer return initiation, authorization and visibility to each step in the process to the serial number/SKU level