Indelox In-plant logistics services covers all activities related to flow of raw materials to the production and retrieve finished products from the floor, stocking and stores management, dispatch to customers.

  • Co-coordinating with raw material and component suppliers
  • Receipt and inspection of raw materials
  • Returnable asset management
  • Stocking and stores management of raw materials
  • Picking and kitting as per production requirements
  • Line side Feeding / Feeding production line with raw materials as per requirements.
  • Collection of waste and forwarding to respective locations and effective disposal
  • Collection of finished products and packing
  • Stocking and stores management of finished goods
  • Sample packing and shipping
  • Finished goods, order picking and palletizing
  • Transportation Scheduling
  • Dispatch documentation and physical dispatch, delivery tracking
  • Complaint management
  • Customer service
  • Best in class logistics processes and procedures

In-plant logistics of Indelox  integrate the suppliers and raw materials to production processes and finished goods to external supply chain through which the goods reach distributor or customers.

It involves movements  within  the  manufacturing  plant, it may be raw materials, components and sub-assemblies – either to or from stocking points or line sides, for turning into finished goods, as well as preparing finished products for external logistics.

Indelox helps to make your people and process more productive and help you to reduce your overall costs.