Indelox’s perspective with regard to customs compliance does not mean simply clearing goods through Customs. We believe in providing complete compliance, which includes advising you of potential liability issues and documentation requirements, and staying ahead of the changes in Customs Regulations and law, as well as Import policy.  We strive to understand your product and advise you of potential changes in regulations, as well as ensuring complete compliance. As the tariff and procedures are being relaxed, compliance, non-trade barriers add complexity to broker’s responsibility and competence.

Indelox provides Customs clearance solutions for all businesses – large corporations, small and medium enterprises, 100% export oriented units, companies in the SEZ or STPI/EOU, Distributors, E-Commerce businesses, and more. In fact, whatever your import or export need, we strive to complete your commercial transactions efficiently.

Indelox is one among the best Customs brokers, filing several 000 entries.

Our highly efficient Customs brokerage, clearance and compliance service is designed to take the complexity out of the Customs process. As well as moving your goods seamlessly across international borders, we ensure complete security in challenging environments and provide insurance against unforeseen events.

  • Experts in Regulations, Product specific Statutory requirements
  • Handling of your shipments swiftly and without complications
  • All necessary declaration and Statutory reporting to authorities
  • Electronic pre-filing
  • Consultation
  • Documentation processing
  • Security sealing
  • Certifications