connectEmployees are the assets of Indelox in true sense. We care for them and take necessary steps to ensure that our human resource force is always in good morale. They are provided with working conditions that are on par with standards in the industry. Welfare of the employees gets top priority in Indelox.

Nearly 300 people, vendors and dedicated contractors are employed with Indelox.

Indelox understands it is people who provide superior customer service. We have faith in providing competitive tools and supportive environment to people which enables them to prosper within the organization

We have a culture of growing our people to manage and lead the business. We offer GREAT career opportunities for aspiring individuals with outstanding qualities and capabilities and for those who wish to excel in their careers

People at Indelox are empowered and supported to make decisions related to their respective activities. Opportunities with challenges are provided to people, with responsibility and accountability for the results of their actions. Indelox is growing year on year and it is a company for those individuals who not only want to excel at what they do, but want the opportunity and the challenge to try new and exciting ventures, allowing them to move ahead.

In line with our cultural requirements, employees are valued for behaviors which reflect

  • Consistent Performance – Consistently performing individuals who meet their KRAs and Deadlines and add value to the organization.
  • Learning Capacity – People who demonstrate capability of learning new things and growing, beyond their current scope of function and show high performance at all levels with extra learning and support to others.
  • Optimistic – Demonstrate the courage of ability to handle the pressure effectively and being transparent and open minded and able to create an innovative climate in the organization.

Performance assessment and Counseling opportunity for poor performance to recoup lost ground, provides a clear direction for action and achievement.

Encouraging fresh talent and developing them to create a pool of resources is done through new initiative, Campus to Career (C2C) program, an ambitious project of Indelox, in which students from business schools are groomed and nurtured to become future managers and leaders.

Indelox would like to find its place among the best of breed in the Industry and will realize the goal through people who are the flag bearers.

Why Indelox is a preferred employer

  • Freedom and culturally conducive environment at Indelox encourages people to learn, improvise and grow.
  • To tickle the innovative brains and to induce creativity, suggestion schemes are implemented with equivalent appreciation and rewards. Intranet facility to all employees to share their views and ideas.
  • Leaders Agility reflects in execution of tasks with greater pace and force, with the intent to delight the customers at all levels, their ethical practices created a strong ethical culture in the organization. Leaders regularly update their knowledge and share the same with employees.
  • Succession plan to create a robust management team to take the organization into future.
  • Objectives and Purpose of the organization is clearly communicated to all for clear understanding of organizational goal and path to all stake holders.
  • Open door policy is adopted to allow any employee to communicate his grievances and suggestions or ideas with top management.
  • Human resource is the ultimate and important resource of Indelox, training and development of employees at periodical intervals is of prime importance at Indelox with training calendars to bridge the skill and behavioral gaps to create Talent and upgrade skill.
  • Newsletters are prepared by voluntary contribution of employees to promote bonding among people and to keep staff engagement activities lively.
  • Annual cultural and sport events are held to bring all the staff together and celebrate.
  • Zero tolerance to Child Labor, Gender Discrimination, unethical behaviour, not adhering to Values of Indelox and Regional discriminations

At Indelox we always thrive to:

  • Grow to potential
  • Develop to Standard
  • Challenge, Innovate, Explore
  • Futuristic
  • Defined Classification
  • Good HR practices, Value based behavior, Performance to capacity

We foster the culture of

Encouragement // Tolerance // Unbiased // Transparent