We have CSR team which is a joint initiative of the organization and the staff to contribute to the society. CSR team decide and participate in the program and initiatives related to society. This team has adopted school in the close vicinity and support for the education of the poor pupils. The program is garnering strength with staff providing voluntary support both monetarily and physically and we intend to extend support by providing other facilities also to these children. While there is no formal mechanism of measurement of result in the area of societal activities, we are making effort to understand the impact of Indelox contribution and involvement in societal activities

We constantly educate our staff and the customer to embrace environmentally friendly disposal of damaged or unusable material, e-waste, expired chemicals, damaged and obsolete products in an effort to have minimal or no effect on the environment. Reduction in use of paper and reuse of packing material is a step towards conservation in the right earnest. Licensed and authorized vendors are engaged to handle disposal of environment sensitive goods. We follow certain practices as a habit, like used paper shredded being reused in packing, pallets are put to use for repacking, and documents are stored in image form thus reducing paper and so on. We believe that whenever an opportunity is available to contribute to wellbeing of members in society, we provide required possible assistance.

We also have been in to community social works through CSR activities around us. For instance we facilitated education to seven govt. schools children majority of whose parents were economically poor. During 2011-12 academic years we identified about 2315 such poor students and facilitated in the Educational needs. In addition we organized skills and entrepreneurial concept building programs to students, Celebration and felicitation of Teachers were a few among them. On request we also provided Tables and Chairs and student ID cards to the needy Government schools. This has been a continual process at Indelox hence, for the academic year 2013-14 CSR Budget has already been estimated to address the issues of societal concern. In addition swatters, sitting arrangements are also in pipeline.

There was a shot fall in teaching staff at Higher Primary school, Basavanna nagar. Indelox took extra interest in identifying and providing a teaching staff on temporary basis since, 2011-12. We have plans to expand such activities to the needy sections of the society in phased manner in the days to come.

The Enrolment in majority schools had shown a positive shift besides increased Girl students’ admission with positive change during 2011-12 over 2010-11. This may be attributed to CSR initiatives and along with Government-efforts.

Parents have utilized the amount which they supposed to spend in providing education facilities for different purpose. Though majority of parents spend the income for basic family needs and for childcare and health, a few saved for future Education purpose. Interestingly 20% of the parents of Basavannanagar have taken LIC policy in the name of their children. This clearly indicates that by and large the CSR Program has impacted in utilization of saved amount at least by a few parents. It also shows that the parents are aware about proper utilization of saved amount

Indelox is spending 2% of its profit in CSR activities, which is appreciated by Business Excellence Assessors and Quality Auditors.